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Kanye get Kim a hologram of her dad for 40th bday

So this is …. this is crazy to a level we’ve not scene before.  The Kardashians are known for maxing out the insantity for gifts. Just a couple years ago Kim rented out her childhood home and had it redecorated to exact specs as it was growing up.  All so her sisters and mom could open gifts there for Christmas.

And then just this week the world learned Kim, hell bent on making her birthday a national holiday, flew 80 of her closest friends… Let’s make sure you got that. Eighty. 80. 8-O of her closest friends and family got on a plane as big as a 747 and flew them all to Brando Island where they would be the only people on the entire island for a week.  I mean, except of course for a staff of dozens.

And that’s when Kanye brought the whole thing to another level.  A creepy fucking hologram of Kims dead dad. Standing there talking to her.

But luckily for Kanye, Kim is dead inside. So she thought it was a total scream. Far out.