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Tiktoker claims she was abused by Drake Bell for 3 years

UPDATE: Her name appears to be Melissa Lingafelt and she dated Drake from 2006-2009.  She’s listed as an actress, but was also 1st runner up as Miss Teen USA in 2006.

Nickelodeon’s 2008 Kids’ Choice Awards.UCLA ‘s Pauley Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA.March 29, 2008. (March 29, 2008 – Source: Bauer Griffin)


According to @jimiono, this is her and Drake Bell at a premiere – Photo from her tiktok

So I’m flipping through Tiktok and this girl gets my attention stating people can’t hurt her feelings because between the ages of 16 and 19 she lived with (and was dating) TV star Drake Bell.  Claiming he was an alcoholic and abusive.

Photo from jimiono tiktok


Naturally, I’m intrigued, so I go on to her page to find more. And there is.   Tiketok user @jimiono says (in the 60 second video below) that once she and Drake moved in together he first became verbally abusive to the umpth degree.  Then things got so violent that he once drug her down the stairs by her feet, her face hitting each step on the way down.


@jimionoThis is my truth. I hope this message reaches young girls, and that no one has to go through what I did. ##2020survivor? original sound – jimiono

She also mentioned “I don’t even want to get into the under age girls”.  Which is a pretty loaded statement.  I hope fo her sake she is doing better now and that she’s in a good strong place. Because I imagine Drakes people are going to want to pop off about this.

She also shared a text between her and a friend where she says his wife contacted her to say he’s changed and that was a long time ago.  And the friend assures her she remembers everything from those times and that she supports her in coming out.   I SUPPORT YOU TOO!


If you’re in an abusive relationship and feel stuck, PLEASE PLEASE call 1-800-799-7233 for the National Center for Women Against Violence.   They’re amazing. I donate my old cell phones to them and they give them to women so they can have a private phone to use when planning their leave.  It’s amazing. Also: has lots of info.

DO NOT spend your life under someones control, whether it’s a boyfriend, a girlfriend, physical, verbal or mental abuse. You are TOO valuable for that.