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SpongeBob’s BFF Patrick is getting his own show!!!

EVERYONE Love Spongebob.   Everyone. If you don’t, you simply haven’t tried.  And while I would Love it if Sandy the Squirrel could get her own gig, I am so happy to hear that Patrice Star will be headlining his own series!

Deadline reported today that  “Nickelodeon is finalizing deals for The Patrick Star Show, a SpongeBob SquarePants animated spinoff centered on SpongeBob’s best friend Patrick Star, voiced by Bill Fagerbakke.”

They say voiceover recordings already have started for the project, which is expected to receive a 13-episode order and comes from the creative team behind the mothership series.

According to sources, The Patrick Star Show is in the vein of The Larry Sanders Show and Comedy Bang! Bang!, with Patrick (Fagerbakke) hosting his own late-night talk show.  Which I love because I was a huge fan of both of those shows.