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Is the Famous Chateau Marmont going private?

The Chateau Marmont, in Hollywood, is about as fabled a hotel as one can get.  Besides having countless high occtaine residents, like Hunter S Thompson or John Belushi (who died there).  The place is filled with the ghosts of some of Hollywoods best stories.

  • Johnny Depp and Kate Moss claim to have made love in every room.
  • Led Zeppelins drummer, John Bonham, famously drove his motorcycle right through the lobby and down the halls. The band was known to throw tv’s out their window and into the guest pool as well.
  • Clack Gable and Jean Harlow had an affair there DURING Jean’s honeymoon!
  • Dennis Hopper threw orgies there.  It was quite a place to hang.


Now the days of being an average person catching a glimpse of all the madness are said to be going away.

Hotelier André Balazs said he hopes to convert the hotel on Sunset Boulevard to a members-only club by the end of the year. The splashy Wall Street Journal announcement came after Balazs laid off nearly all the hotel employees without insurance or benefits during the pandemic. The former employees have staged protests outside the hotel.

“André wanted to sell the Chateau, but couldn’t find a buyer in the pandemic. His new plan to turn it into a members-only club is facing a lot of opposition from the Hollywood community, the former staff and the city, which may block it because it would be effectively banning the public from a building that is part of the folklore of Hollywood.”

Siiigghhh…. everything fun goes away.