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Andy Dick falls off the wagon in odd video

Andy dick is no stranger to being caught wasted and making a fool of himself.  Now it seems as though it’s happening all over again.

The troubled comic has been to rehab several times and has suffered through many embarrassing public spectacles because of his substance struggles — but lately, he seemed to be keeping a reassuringly low profile.

But Dick posted a disturbing 10-minute video early Wednesday that shows him appearing to be extremely intoxicated. In the video, Dick, who says he is an ordained minister, marries a couple at a small house party, though he keeps forgetting their names. Most of what he says is unintelligible.

“The reverend is currently urinating in the sink,” one person says during the video when Dick is off-camera.

Several users commented on the post — which was later deleted — with concern. “I see a relapse and it makes me sad,” said one. Another posted, “Clearly this is a bunch of people who don’t give two s?-?-?ts about Andy or his well being.”