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Khloe says Rob K is coming back to KUWTK

It’s being reported that Khloe “let it slip” that brother Rob is coming back to the show.  Know this. Nothing the Kardashians say “slips out”.  It’s all rather calculated.

But I guess with Kourtney leaving they had a hole to fill.

Khloe says Rob is feeling “more confident” and has already started filming the new season of the popular show. After an extremely long absence from the public eye, Rob made his triumphant return to social media for Koko’s 36th birthday. His family and friends plastered his new slimmed-down frame all over social media. Now that he is feeling better about himself, Khloe said that he’s ready to get back to filming.

When asked about the show going on forever she said; “We kind of say that every season when we’re done and we’re like, ‘what else are we gonna film?  My brother’s coming back around.  He’s feeling more confident and comfortable. I think he just started a whole new season, so here we go!”