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A$AP Rocy files restraining order against stalker

Rapper A$AP Rocky has filed a restraining order against an alleged ‘stalker’ who he claims not only broke into his home and accessed his bedroom while he slept, but punched his assistant in the face, and squirted ink all over his car.

According to legal documents, the rapper is asking an L.A County judge to issue a restraining order against a woman he claims has bee harassing him for over two years.

In the filing, ASAP says the person is sleeping outside of his home in her car, and has damaged property, and even broke into his house and gained access to his bedroom while he was asleep. Jesus! That’s cray.

“I do not know Respondent personally or professionally. Nor do I have any other relationship or affiliation with her,” the rapper says.

Rocky outlines several very scary incidents involving this person and says the most recent confrontation was on June 7, 2020.

On the day, ASAP says after being denied entrance onto his property, the woman threatened to force her way in by making a U-turn in her car and heading towards his house. At that point, he says “stopped, rolled down her side window, and squirted ink from a sports bottle all over my vehicle, which was parked in my driveway.”

He says at the same time, he heard the person shout, “F— you, I’ll be back again!” before driving off.

“My concern with Respondent’s instability and her potential threat to me is heightened by the knowledge that she has already been arrested for assault and battery on my assistant (see below), but she continues to stalk me,” he wrote in the filing.

That’s scary as shit. Hopefully, the judge will see to it he’s protected at least on paper.