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Iconic music items auctioned – Cobains guitar brings record $6m

This weekend Juliens Auction House, THE auction house for celebrity memorabilia, set a record for most expensive guitar ever sold.  The 1959 Martin D-18E belonged to Kurt Cobain and he used it on his famous episode of MTV Unplugged.

The sweater Cobain wore that night comes up for sale every few years, but this was the first anyone had seen of the coveted Guitar.  By the time the last paddle was standing, the instrument had sold for $6,010,000.

The auction had a number of cool things…

Prince’s “Blue Angel” guitar that was used on the Purple Rain tour, so yea, about as precious a Prince guitar as you can get.  Was estimate at $400 – 500k, sold for $563,000.

This ridiculous macrame belt that Elvis wore. Notable only because it was originally estimated at $10-20k but sold for a whopping $298,000.

More understandable is this dress her majesty, Madonna, wore in the video for Vogue. It’s stunning.   It was estimated at $20-30k, but brought in $179,000.

Michael Jackson wore this shirt in the video for “They Don’t Really Care About Us”, which is an amazing song.  Estimated $3-5k, it sold for $22,400.

I’m not gonna lie to you. This is my favorite item in the whole auction.  A true lover of The Grateful Dead knows that a roadie case that’s made the rounds of a Dead tour is the ultimate metaphoric piece to salute the nomadic culture created by the beloved band.  So I’m straight up startled they estimated this gorgeous thing at $500-700! It sold for $12,000.  I’d flip this thing into a bar cart and be the envy of all my friends.

Liberace’s music may seem waaay old fashion, but believe me, this dude’s boss level on piano. So getting one of his wild old piano’s is probably a dream for some poor soul. Estimated at $20-40k, went for $38,400

Oh, and for the Prince fan who has everything I give you… a set of his wedding china!! These are from his first wedding to Mayte Garcia (who was 16 when they met, they married 6 years later) in 1996.  It’s was estimated between $4-6,000 and sold for $6,400.   You know that room in your house where everyone hangs out? That’s where this goes.