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Prince Andrew donates pizza to sex victims

I think by now we all know that Prince Andrew was waaaay wrapped up in that disgusted Jeffrey Epsteins various sexual escapades.  Just how deep we don’t know, but it’s deep enough that the FBI are demanding his cooperation and several victims recount his being there.

So imagine my surprise when I see Andrew and partner Sarah Ferguson sent food to a charity helping victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Royal editor Omid Scobie revealed the charitable act by the Duke, 61, and Duchess of York, 60, yesterday, tweeting: ‘The couple recently sent pizza, dates and meals to an organisation helping those who have been trafficked or trapped in sexual exploitation.’


How you gonna try and do your penance with pizza? What an insult.



STOP! You’re telling me that shit was Domino’s too???   Why not just send a threatening letter along with it.

Omid Scobie went on to retweet a collage of images from Azalea charity, which describes itself as ‘reaching out to those trapped in sexual exploitation, supporting them to build new lives away from violence and poverty’, including a pile of Domino’s pizza boxes and a box of dates with Prince Andrew’s name and address on it.