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A ‘Friends’ Cookbook is coming soon


Stuck inside and looking for new recipes to try?  Have you considered a trifle with season beef? It tastes like feet.

That’s just one of the recipes that will be included in the new ‘Friends’ cookbook.  Seriously. That’s in there.

With the upcoming (no real idea when) ‘Friends’ reunion show is undoubtedly going to spawn all kinds of silly things that relate to the show.  Like peep hole picture frames and ‘Big fat goalie’ tee shirts.  But oddest so far is the more or less joke cookbook based on all the shows many food related episodes.

Friends: The Official Cookbook, set for publication on September 22nd, will feature over 70 recipes inspired by the iconic ten-season series

I’m not a shill for them, but if you want it, preorder it at amazon. I am.