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Biden’s Campaign Gave Back Louis C.K.’s $2,800 Donation

Ouch. That’s a total public lashing of the severe kind.  Telling someone you wont take their much needed money is about as harsh as a diss gets.

Presidential candidate Joe “I’m all ya got” Biden isn’t for sale to those accused of sexual harassment. That’s the message received when they rejected a donation of $2800 from disgraced comedian Louis C.K..

C.K., né Louis Székely, made the donation on March 4, according to campaign financial disclosures. (His donation was first reported by the Associated Press.)

That’s gotta sting.  While they’re was always a chance the Trump campaign crew will dig up all the controversial doners out there, making all those funds liabilities, it’s still gotta hurt to have money thrown back at you.

The lesson here is that the Dem’s are going through their closets before the Trump yank out any old skeleton they see.