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Nintendo Play Station sells for $360,000 at auction

Never heard of a Nintendo Play Station?  I think I know why.  Only 200 were every made way back in 1991 and they never even went to market.

The console was created from a failed 1991 partnership between Sony and Nintendo. Forbes describes the unit as basically a Super NES with a CD-ROM drive.

But of the 200 that were created, it is believed the other 199 were destroyed.  Making this one pretty valuable.

One of the other things interesting about this auction is who was bidding.

The winning bid went to Greg McLemore, founder of the failed and  Remember That puppet dog in the commercials? Anyway, he out bid Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR.  So some real heavy hitters wanted that machine.

McLemore says the console was “the single most expensive thing I’ve ever bought outside of a house,” adding “it was worth it especially when combined with the rest of my collection,” CNN reports. That collection includes more than 800 coin-operated machines as well as smaller games, magazines, and art, which McLemore wants to use to create a permanent museum, according to Forbes.

“I’m looking to not have this machine just buried in a closet somewhere,” McLemore says.  Sweet!