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‘Property Brothers’ are creating a kids show

Drew and Jonathon Scott, also known as HGTV’s The Property Brothers, have been lighting the world on fire since their home improvement show took off and their decor and furniture lines are everywhere.  So is it enough? no.

Drew and Jonathan Scott are moving into children’s programming. According to Deadline, the sibling entrepreneurs are working on an animated series aimed at preschool kids. Builder Brothers’ Dream Factory will feature kiddie versions of the famous brothers:

Builder Brothers’ Dream Factory centers around 10-year-old twins, Drew and Jonathan. A pair of regular kids whose extraordinary imagination, creativity, grit and heart help solve problems in their neighborhood by dreaming big and sometimes too big. Along with their dog Moose and best friends Mel, Cee-Cee and Aiden, the Builder Brothers navigate the highs and lows of trying to make the world a better place – one big dream at a time.”

I’m not sure I fully understand they idea, but it’s for preschoolers, so I stand a good chance of figuring it out as time goes on.