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Dove Cameron’s Ex-Fiancé Alleges That She Cheated On Him

First of all, I had no idea adorable Diggy from Liv and Maddie turned into such a hotty.  So that’s that. And then to learn he thinks his ex, Dove Cameron, was fooling around on him is just wild.

engaged but their 2016 breakup shocked fans. Apparently Ryan was the most shocked of all. McCartan was answering questions via Instagram on Thursday when a curious fan asked him what his proudest moment was? His answer may have divulged information about his relationship with Dove that no one has ever admitted.

“Within two weeks, my fiancée cheated on and left me, I almost died from food poisoning, and Donald Trump was elected president,” Ryan wrote. “I truly didn’t think I would be able to make it through that part of my life. I’m proudest of the light that came from that darkness, and my ability to survive and turn the anger and sadness I had into positive life changes and a new way forward.”

Wow! Now, we may be jumping to a conclusion but it is pretty safe to assume he is speaking about Dove. One hint is that they broke up in 2016 and President Trump was elected around the same exact time.