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Harry and Meghan: Quick Catch Up

Harry speaking to Bob Iger about Meghan at Lion King premiere

Admit it. This whole Meghan and Harry thing is insanely good royal gossip.  Like we haven’t seen since Harry’s mom fled the palace.  And more details come out every day.

The two are shacking up at some billionaires estate in Vancouver while they figure out how to get this Bonnie and Clyde show on the road to fame.

Over the weekend we learned that while at the premiere of ‘The Lion King’ in July of last year, Harry was caught on tape excitedly telling the head of Disney, Bob Iger, that Meghan does voice-over work.  Clearly angling for a gig for his wife.  Which, we now know, she’ll be doing in an upcoming project.

TODAY the royal family will meet for a ‘summit’ (what? Your family doesn’t summit?) to try and make heads or tails of what the hell these two are doing.

The Queen, Will and likely Kate, Charles, Harry and a host of nosey staff will meet today at the Queens country home in Sandringham, UK.  Meghan will be in Vancouver though, coming in via facetime or some shit.

And then, of course, there are new rumors that Harry will present the Queen with a threat that he and Megs will do an Oprah ‘tell all’ if he doesn’t get his way in the who matter.   Oprah, of course, is a good friend of theirs, even attending their wedding.

Honestly, I say expect that ‘tell all’ regardless of what is agreed upon today, because these two are in it to win it and that means doing whatever you have to do to get eyes on you.