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Octomom shares pic of the kids today!

It’s been a minute since we saw the birther, Nadya Suleman, who famously gave birth to 8 kids via IVF treatments when she already had 6 kids she couldn’t afford.

Her decision made her destitute and she did everything, including porn, to keep her massive family afloat.

Now the 44-year-old mother of 14 has shared a cute pic to her Instagram that featured eight of her lovely children. She seems to be happy and excited to share her life with the world again.

“While Aidan was sitting, distracted with sensory exploration in the dirt, I snapped a quick picture of all the little kids together,” Suleman explained. “This is a rare occurrence considering how crazy active and energetic they all are! #ActiveLifestyle #FitFamily #KidsBeingKids”

Aidan is Nadya’s 14-year-old son and the older brother to the octuplets. She previously revealed that he is “severely autistic” and “non-verbal.”