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Lizzo pleads with the entire world to help Australia

Lizzo is hoping her 7.2m followers, myself included, will listen to her pleas and do their part, however big or small, to help Australia in the drastic and terrible time.

Liz is in Australia’s Queensland right now on tour and is getting a first hand look at the devastation.   The 31-year-old held a stuffed koala while sharing a heartfelt message on her Instagram Stories to explain it wasn’t solely an Australian issue but a global crisis.

‘Being over here in Australia has really given me a real time view into what’s happening with these devastating fires and for all of my followers who are mostly American, I just want to say that this is a global crisis,’ she began.

‘I don’t want to politicize anything. This isn’t a political issue at this point, this is a human issue.’

Lizzo went on to explain that the 350 million tons of CO2 emissions that have already been released will not just remain in Australia, but spread around the entire Earth’s atmosphere.

Listen to her powerful message here: