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‘Friends’ Memorabilia Exceeds Expectations At Auction

The show ‘Friends’ is obviously beloved by many, myself included, and it still gets watched constantly on Netflix.  So I guess producers of the show decided to cash in on the love and host an auction of set memorabilia.  Actually the auction raised money for The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people.

Scripts for the show went for as much as $22,000. An autographed pilot episode script that went for $15,500, and a cast-autographed finale episode part two script which changed hands for $11,500.

But the fun stuff… oh how fun.


Hugsy. Joey’s bedtime pal.  They were expecting $1,500 for it. Are they mad??? It sold for $8,500.  I’m a little sad Matt LeBlanc didn’t take it with him, honestly.


Joey and Chandlers canoe.  They expected it to go for $4 – $6,000.  It sold for $10,500.   Ducks not included.



And invitation to the Gellar-Bing wedding, suitable for framing!  $2,500.


omg what I wouldn’t give.  For a measly $2,900, someone now owns the best porno ever made.


Rachels dress from the episode at the beach when she gave Ross her 20 page letter.


Don’t geek out too hard, this is a reproduction sofa.  But it still sold for $11,000!!


The picture frame from Monica’s apartment door is as iconic as the sofa. Sadly it’s also a reproduction. Sold for $1,250.



GTFO… the turkey and fez hat!!!!  But wait. This TOO is a reproduction!! In fact there were 3 of them at auction. That makes me so mad.  But just the same, they sold for $850.



Rachel Greens bridesmaid dress she wore to Barry and Mindy’s wedding.  I was shocked to see it go for just $900.