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Pop Culture auction items from the last couple weeks

I love auctions. Any kind. Even if it’s an old farm tractor. If someone pays a lot of money for it, it must be interesting. That’s my thinking.  But when celeb or film items go on the block, it’s almost certain the people are going to pay top dollar.

Last month a mystery billionaire (what a moniker that is!) bought Olivia Newton Johns leather jacket from the movie “Grease” at auction.  They paid $243,000.  Now we’ve learned they’ve returned the jacket to Olivia, as a gift. The money raised went to her cancer foundation.

People seem almost shocked that this Princess Diana dress ONLY went for $290,000.  She famously wore the frock in 1985 at an event at the White House when John Travolta spun her around the dance floor.


Marlon Brando’s Rolex GMT-Master from the Francis Ford Copolla classic movie ‘Apocalypse Now’ sold for close to $2 million at Phillips Auction House in New York. The Rolex was worn by Brando’s character in the movie, Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, and remained in the actor’s possession until 1995 when he gifted it to his daughter.


This is fun. In 2018, Serena Williams lost a match Naomi Osaka and in a fit of anger she smashed her tennis racket on the court.  A smart ball boy named Justin asked Serena if he could have it instead of throwing it away and she said fine. Just later sold it to a collector store for $500, but this month they sold it at auction for $20k.