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Some really wild things coming to the auction block

I follow auctions pretty closely.  It’s amazing to see what gets discovered, valued and sold.  This month there are and have been a number of really interesting items brought to the podium and we just had to share.

Linda McCartney, first wife of Paul McCartney has always been considered his true love. She sadly passed away from cancer in 1998. Now an old friend of hers has come forward with letters she wrote telling of her excitement in dating the Beatle.

“[She said] ‘Guess who I dated last night?…It was Paul McCartney, and we had this lovely evening.’

An extremely rare copy of the 1939 Marvel Comics No. 1 has sold at auction for a record $1,260,000. The title is regarded by the auction house to represent “the Big Bang of the Marvel Comics Superhero Universe.”


A copy of Donald Trumps “Art of the Deal” sold for $1,500 at auction this week.  Why? Trump signed the book back in 1987 writing “Future President”.   The prophecy eventually came true, some how, and now it’s worth money.


Taken in 1877, this rare black-and-white image shows the notorious Irish American outlaw, Billy the Kid, sitting around a table playing cards with his gang – Richard Brewer, Fred Waite, and Henry Brown.  Billy is the second in from the left.  It is only the second known photo of the famous killer.  it’s expected to fetch over $1m.