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Netflix cuts ‘fake suicide’ scene from S6 of The Office

There is a lot of talk about shows being rebooted and of course The Office is always on the tip of everyone’s tongue.  But the writers would have to tailor their style somewhat to fit the unique demands of today’s more sensitive viewer.

Netflix says they have taken a scene out of the Season 6 Halloween episode of The Office.  The scene is at the shows open, prior to the opening theme song (known as the cold open) where Michael pretends to have hanged himself.

In the scene Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch has put together a haunted house for local kids in their warehouse.

Michael, unhappy with the lackluster decorations, decides to take things up a notch.  So after some fiddling around, he arranges for himself to drop from the ceiling on a fake noose, wriggling for a moment before imparting a confusing message about seeking mental health care if you need it.

The scene actually upset viewers back in 2009, so it’s certainly going to today. Word is there are uploads of the scene around, but I wasn’t interested in seeing it or looking for it.