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Ben Affleck tells paparazzi he had a ‘slip’ in his sobriety

Ben Affleck is so patient with the overbearing paps!  Here’s the deal.

So on Saturday night, Ben was seen leaving a Halloween party (pic below) with some chick. Then he’s heard, presumably talking to his driver, saying “We’re right here. Where are you?”.  And then as the two walk to a waiting car Ben was stumbling and appeared drunk.  So ok.


The next day Ben shows up to his ex wife Jennifer Garner’s house to see he kids and these maniacs come at him from the second he steps out of the car.  How do they even know he’ll be there??


And Ben actually stops and takes time to address these vultures like people. (I know. I’m a hypocrite b/c I am looking at the very pictures I condemn them for taking. What can I say? I’m complicated)  So one pap says “That was some party last night” and Ben calmly stops and says “Yea, Well you know it happens, it’s a slip but I’m not going to let it derail me.”  And of course, another yells “Are you going back to rehab?