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Harvey Weinstein called out by two women at comedy club

Comedian Kelly Bachman on stage when she was confronting HW.

Two brave women spotted serial assaulter Harvey Weinstein in the audience of the Downtown Bar Comedy Hour in Manhattan and here’s how it went down.

First the stand up.  Comedian Kelly Bachman was performing on Wednesday night when out in the audience she sees none other than scum Harv sitting with friends and decides to make note of it with a joke.  ” I didn’t know we had to bring our own Mace and rape whistles!” she said.

Several men can then be heard booing and one says “shut up”.   “Oh, shut up?’ Bachman responds from the stage. ‘This kills at group therapy for rape survivors!”  Now come on! That’s when several women in the crowd began to cheer and shout loudly.

Late in a FB post she said she was ‘in shock’ and ‘was shaking and hot-faced’ as she called out Weinstein during her set.  Her stage video and post are here.

She claimed that she was ‘in a traumatized state from her own experiences as a survivor of rape’ and has ‘had nightmares about seeing Harvey Weinstein in New York’.

‘He was 50 feet away from me, staring with shark eyes, surrounded by his allies,’ she said of her time on the stage.

Zoe Stuckless as she confronts HW

After the set a woman named Zoe Stuckless in the audience decided she too was going to call out Harv and from just feet from his table she shouted ‘I’m gonna stand four feet from a f**king rapist and no one’s gonna say anything?’

In a Facebook post, Stuckless says she was incensed by seeing Weinstein at the bar where he was ‘allowed to laugh and clap and drink and flirt and no one was saying anything’.

Stuckless was removed from the premises for disturbing the peace.

It was a HELL of a night.

Harvey with “friends” at the club while being reamed out.