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Judge refuses to throw out Jussie Smollett case

Jussie Smollett may not be in the news anymore, but that doesn’t mean the case isn’t still ongoing. The City of Chicago is still seeking monetary justice.

Chicago wants Jussie to be accountable for $130,000 in police overtime costs, plus $260,000 in damages spent while investigating what is believed to be a fake racial attack on him on January 29th.  In keeping with the city’s False Statements Ordinance.

Jussie’s always maintained his innocence, despite overwhelming evidence, but his reason for want the case thrown out says different. Jussie says he couldn’t have possibly known how seriously the police would take his hate crime report. The judge also faulted Smollett’s attorneys for its “attempts to muddy the waters with irrelevant arguments.”

Now wouldn’t that imply he did it, but didn’t know they would react that way?