Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Dennis Quaid, 65, engaged to GF Laura, 26

Seen in Waikiki this weekend

Ughghghghhg… I try so hard to reserve judgement of a person who marries so far below their age, but this is the life of a Hollywood man.  Quaid is setting the bar especially high.  His newly appointed fiance is a year younger than his son, Jack, who’s 27.

According to most outlets Quaid and gf Laura Savoie got engaged while on a steamy and buff trip to Hawaii.  This weekend they were seen paddle boarding in Waikiki and between them they seem to have 3 times the number of muscles a person can have.

This would be his 3rd marriage. No word on if the lovely (And way intelligent, she’s a PHD student) Laura has been married before, but it’s not likely.