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Miley and Cody get tattoo’s together on date

The destined to fail union of Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson has ratcheted up another notch.  The two went out and got tattoo’s together.

And yes, I understand that ok, they’re not matching or say one anothers names. So technically the tattoo curse shouldn’t apply. But this relationship is the most reboundy shit ever and it wont take much voodoo to push it off a cliff.

Cyrus took to Instagram to show off her new ink: a heart with a dagger stabbed through it and a ribbon with the words “Rock ‘N’ Roll Heart”.

Simpson also got a classic symbol with a weapon poking through, but his take was a little more simple: the outline of a skull and crossbones with a scythe. Both were done by Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Nico Bassill.