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Original Darth Vader helmet sells high at auction

A lot of times when you hear about precious film memorabilia being sold at auction it one several used in production.   The dress Marilyn Monroe wore in Seven Year Itch was one of several.  Or you see Freddy Krugger’s razor glove, but fine print notes it’s from Freddy vs Jason and, lets be honest, no one wants that.

Last week an anon paid $898,420 for Darth Vader’s helmet worn in 1982’s The Empire Strikes Back.

It was in this exact mask that Vader reveals to Luke “I am your father”.   In the memorabilia game that’s called cray cray good. I think.

Profiles in History, which ran the auction, said the helmet is the at the top of the wish list for Star Wars collectors.

‘[It is] exceedingly rare and considered the Holy Grail of science fiction artifacts,’ Profiles in History told