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Thomas Middleditch says swinging saved his marriage

Thomas Middleditch says he “swings” in his marriage.  But lets be clear.  HE swings. Not his wife. Which I’m pretty certain is a recipe for disaster.

So the Silicone Valley star was talking to Playboy magazine and he says that when he got married to his wife Mollie he basically told her he was going to have to still be with other women.  She wasn’t on board, but agreed to “figure it out”.

“To her credit, instead of saying ‘F–k you, I’m out,’ she was like, ‘Let’s figure this out,’” he recalled. “To be honest, swinging has saved our marriage. We have different speeds, and we argue over it constantly, but it’s better than feeling unheard and alone and that you have to scurry in the shadows.”

“It’s a perpetual state of management and communication, to the point where it’s like, ‘Alright, we’ve got to stop’ … I’m gas, and she’s brakes,” he added, before noting, “This is actually the premise for a comedy series we’re writing together.”

“I love my wife like I’ve never loved anyone before,” Middleditch explains. “With two people who feel that way about each other, how do you go down that road? It’s tough. Bring a therapist along for the ride.”

When asked if he’s concerned about becoming a representation of swingers, he said, “I would be honored to be the face of something. I don’t give a f–k, but my wife is more private, so I have to juggle that.”

He sounds lovely. Good luck with that, Mollie.