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Courtney Love says Prince Andrew came to her looking for sex

Prince Andrew and Courtney in 2000 (Picture: Rex Features)

Trouble seems to find Courtney Love wherever she goes.  And sometimes if just shows up at her house at 1am looking to get laid.

According to the lipstick challenged rock star, she was once visited by a royal bad boy Prince Andrew at her house in Hollywood in the middle of the night.  And whats even more gross is he was looking for sex.

She said this in a book that came out in 2007, but no one really took note till now. The reason being, she had met the prince through Jefferey Epstein. The sex trafficking scum that seems to have only friends in high places.

Anyway, in the book she says that Andrew showed up unannounced at her place acting ‘very flirtatious’

‘looking for a good time’ in Los Angeles and was given her address by a mutual acquaintance. Presumably Epstein.

She made the Duke of York tea from a pot with his mother’s face on it, according to a friend of Love.

After chatting on the sofa for around 45 minutes the prince reportedly left. The pair did not have sex, the source said.

Love reportedly told a friend: ‘Of all the things that have happened in my life, this truly is one of the most surreal things.’