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Celebrate ‘Friendsgiving’ this year in Monica’s apartment

Like so many of you, I’ve seen every episode of friends multiple times and of course that goes for the ubiquitous holiday episodes.  Thanksgiving being the one the friends seem to have really made their mark on.

Now I hear there’s the most amazing thing happening this November and I can’t stand it!! The folks at Warner Bros are opening up the ‘Friends’ studio set so that you and your besties can spend Thanksgiving living the life of these 6 New Yorkers.

Here’s how it works.  You and your friends pay $139 each (that’s crazy cheap) and they’ll take you through the Studio backlots, show you some of the show’s most iconic filming locations, and let you recreate the opening credits in front of the original fountain, umbrella in hand. Then, you’ll make your way to the Studio’s Commissary Fine Dining Room for Thanksgiving dinner!

It’s a Friendsgiving that’s sure to draw the true fans, so schedule your visit while the slots are still open!