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Mel B claims she is unemployed and can’t pay no more!

Spice Girl Mel B says she’s no longer working and can’t afford to raise the amount she pays in child support any higher than the more than enough $5000 her greedy ex is already getting.

Mel is fighting ex Stephen Belafonte’s attempt to have the current amount of child support he receives for their daughter Madison, seven, raised from $5,000 a month.

In a filing submitted to the Superior Court of California County in Los Angeles on Monday, the singer lists her monthly income, assets and expenditures in attempt to prove she isn’t making enough to pony up more cash.  The two have joint custody of the girl.

Mel acknowledges she went on tour for three weeks with the Spice Girls over the summer, she refuses to reveal how much she made. But still, she hasn’t had a steady job since 2018 when she was shit-canned from AGT.