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Obama’s high school basketball jersey sells at auction

I’ve said many many many times… I am the worst appraiser on earth. Every time I guess what a valuable piece of memorabilia is or an centuries old antique is worth I over estimate. I think everything is worth so much more than it ends up going for.  Enter the Jersey.

So Barack Obama, the beloved 44th President of the United States and bad ass friend to the stars… that dudes basketball jersey from when he was in high school was auctioned of this weekend at Heritage Auctions in Dallas. My estimated selling price? $500k.  Actually selling price? $120k.

The No. 23 jersey was discovered by Seattle resident Peter Noble, who was three years younger than Obama at Punahou. He said he kept the jersey because he also wore it in high school and didn’t realize that they shared the number until Obama became president.

The jersey sold at the auction alongside a 1979 Punahou yearbook, which shows Obama in a No. 23 jersey that is styled the exact same way. While there’s no DNA evidence to ensure it was worn by Obama — it was washed many times, after all — Heritage considers it his since “every detail” is a match.