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I love Hilary Duff’s new tattoos

It pains me to say this, but my favorite celebrity tattoo is on Lindsay Lohan.  On her inner wrist he has the word “Breathe” in white ink.  Which almost makes you read it in a whisper.  I’ve even debated getting it, but shy away when I think of someone recognizing who else has it.

Now Hilary Duff is getting adorable tattoo’s and I’m feeling pulled all over the place!  Sure she’s better than Lindsay, but I’m not braggin to know one “yea, same tattoo as the Duffster”.

But for real, these sun bursts are super cute and I’d legit consider them. Had I seen them on someone else.



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SUN for a bright star @hilaryduff so happy to have tattooed you! #singleneedle #delicatelysharp #sun #tattooedgirls

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Hmmm… you know this little guy looks like a scab. So maybe not this one.