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Not the Onion: Wayne Newtons Monkey attacks girl

wayne and boo

This story is pretty wild, no pun intended.  So in 2013, Wayne Newton moved out of his Vegas estate after 45 years.  But he didn’t sell the old place. Rather he turned it into a museum, sort of like Graceland.  The home still had many of his belongings, including a lot of exotic animals, like flamingos, penguins and a capuchin monkey named Boo.

According to records, in October of 2017 Jocelyne Urena and her daughter Genevieve were touring the property when “Without any provocation, the monkey viciously attacked and bit Ms. Urena, causing injury to her body as well as emotional distress,” the lawsuit reads.

Urena’s lawsuit, filed in Clark County District Court, alleges negligence on behalf of Newton, 77, and seeks damage in excess of $15,000, according to the complaint.