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Jake Paul’s wedding was a raucous douchefest, as expected

Full discretion: I hate this person. I hate that he’s “famous” (he’s a youtube star), despite disrespecting the entire nation of Japan and I hate that I’m feeling compelled to share what I’m pretty sure was a staged fight at his wedding.

The wedding was to Tana something or other. I think she’s from instagram, but I can’t be sure.  She is the worst, because the little I saw of them together, she’s essentially an employee of his.

Moving on. So the two get married this weekend at the Graffiti Mansion in Vegas in front of hundreds of guests, an MTV camera crew, and douche-curious onlookers that paid $49.99 to watch the event via a livestream.   And then just as they finished their nuptials, woooo… someone throws a drink.  Whhaaa whaaa.

Still… I share these images, because even though I believe them to be staged, I take find joy in the fantasy that it wasn’t a put on and that maybe, just maybe, their special day was ruined.

Hella douche wedding attire