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A$AP Rocky’s trial in Sweden starts today

    A man displays posters advocating for ASAP Rocky’s release, in Stockholm on Thursday, July 25th. Frederik Persson/AFP/Getty Images

A$AP Rocky’s trial is today (Tuesday) in Sweden and the world is waiting to hear what happens in this bizarre case.

Not crazy bizarre in the actual incident, really.  Someone was shit talking to A$AP and he lost his cool and beat the dude up. He all but admits that. Only to hear him explain it he’s just mistaken provoking with self defense.  Two totally different things.

Anyway, so the case draws national attention because who thinks a black rapper can get a fair trial in Sweden, for gods sake?  And he faces up to 2 years.

I don’t know enough about Swedish law, but hopefully they offer a much speedier trial than the US and we’ll have our answers soon.