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Lou Pearlman biopic in the works

Pearlman seen above with OTown members, circa 2001

In the late 90’s and early aughts, Lou Pearlman was creating successful boy bands faster than preteen girls could swoon over them.  His unprecedented success was already keeping him on track to be worthy of a biopic.  

Then the bottom fell out and Pearlman was revealed to be the mastermind behind one of the largest Ponzi scheme’s in US history.  Defrauding people of millions and changing his legacy forever. 

A new movie called “Transcon” will document his rise and fall. 

“Lou Pearlman indisputably changed the course of popular music, and what he envisioned influenced the entertainment business as we know it today,” Producer Edward Pressman said in a statement. “However, while fascinating, Lou’s character was flawed and, having climbed to the top of an industry, he then unraveled in an unprecedented manner.”

Responsible for starting and managing N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, O-Town, LFO and others, Pearlman was sentenced to serving 25 years in prison.  He served eight years before dying of heart failure in 2016. No release date for Transcon has been announced yet.