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Singer Art Neville dies at 81

The Neville Brothers are a staple of any good R&B collection and it’s terribly sad to say we lost one of the beloved brothers. Art Neville, the founding member of New Orleans musical group, died on Monday at the age of 81.

“It was peaceful,” Neville’s longtime manager, Kent Sorrell, told “He passed away at home with his adoring wife Lorraine by his side. He toured the world how many times, but he always came home to Valence Street.”

His cause of death was not immediately clear, however, Neville battled several health issues including complications from back surgery.

Known for classic hits like “All These Things” and “Cha Dooky-Doo,” Neville was a staple in New Orleans music scene, recording music in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

The Neville Brothers – -made up of Art, Charles, Aaron and Cyril Neville — dropped their final studio album in 2004 and played their last concert at the Hollywood Bowl in 2012, according to the website. They reunited in 2015 for Jazz Fest, but all hope of reuniting again vanished when saxophonist Charles Neville, 79, died of cancer.