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Gloria Vanderbilt leaves everything to Anderson Cooper

Photographed by Norman Jean Roy, Vogue March 2016

So most everyone knows that news hunk Anderson Cooper is the son of fashion mogul Gloria Vanderbilt.  And that she passed away last month after a long and amazing life at the age of 95.

But what you might not know is that for decades now Anderson has made it clear to anyone who asks that he will not receive one red cent of his mothers vast wealth.  That she was clear about that and that he was clear to her that he was ok with that. He has millions and he appreciates that she wants to leave it to charities and foundations.

So color me confused when P6 said it got a hold of court docs stating her eldest son Leopold Stokowski is to get her Manhattan condo at 30 Beekman Street, but the rest of her fortune will go to her other son, Anderson Cooper.

She was worth an estimated $20om and if I were to guess, we’ll be seeing a Gloria Vanderbilt foundation or something to the effect in the next few years. Anderson is nothing if not compassionate. This seems right up his alley.