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‘Friends’ and ‘The Office’ leaving Netflix

This is way more relevant than some of you might think.  Hear me out.

Netflix is currently in possession of all 11 seasons of Friends and all 10 seasons of The Office. And believe it or not, they are the streaming services highest watched shows.  Over all new and old content. It seems millennials just love that 90’s humor and binge the two shows constantly.

So, naturally, NBC/Time Warner looks at that and says WTF, why are we letting other people get all the cheddar for our shows? Sure, you can watch them on NBC as well, but to have them exclusively… that’s the motts.

So word is The Office will leave Netflix in December of this year (2019, for our high readers) and Friends is likely to follow suit soon after.  At which time NBC will likely try and charge you for access to yet ANOTHER app to see shows on.  I really need this shit streamlined. I can’t even keep track of what channel or app I watch things on.  #Firstworldproblems