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Dice Clay and Roseanne annouce tour together

Andrew Dice Clay and Roseanne Barr have known each other for decades, but this is the first time they’ll tour together in a surprise announcement from Clay.

Speaking about their upcoming comedic venture, Clay told Fox News that the “Mr. and Mrs. America” tour was inspired by the national obsession with political discourse and the alleged policing of comedians’ language.

“She’s a comic because she’s wacky. I’ve known her since we were kids,” Clay told the news channel. “When people ask about what she said, I say, ‘She’s a comic!’ We got to stop policing comedians. This is America!”

This should be interesting to watch play out. I don’t personally think Roseanne is racist, but I do think she’s a bitter nut job who will be looking to piss people off.  So I think we can expect at least 2 or 3 outbursts that really rile people up, followed by a tour cancellation.