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Britney Spears shares conspiracy theory about Paparazzo

Britney Spears aired out a “conspiracy theory” of her own after photos surfaced of her soaking up the sun in Miami with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari. Which, frankly, I found adorable.

The singer spent some quality time with her boyfriend in Florida over the weekend, and photos of the couple on a yacht began to make the rounds online hours after their sun-filled date — but Spears wasn’t happy with how she appeared in the pictures, so she took to her Instagram story to share her thoughts.

Someone named Manuel had the presence of mind to capture the video and preserve it.  Thank you to him.   In it Spears airs her concern that paparazzi are altering the photos they take of her to make her look “40 lbs heavier” than she really is.  She gives viewers an up down with the camera and says “This is how I really am. I’m skinny as a needle”.

So idk.  I thought she looked great and happy in the pics. Check you her video below. Cuts off at the end, sorry.



Again, for reference.  I think she looks great.