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Jennifer Aniston got drunk during emergency plan landing

Most people who know me know Jennifer Aniston is pretty much my best friend.  Of all the people I’ve never met, we’re the closest.  She would love me.  Here’s further proof.

Four months ago Jen and some pals (Courtney Cox, Molly Kimmel and a few gals) were flying (private, of course) down to Mexico to celebrate Jen’s 50th birthday.

The flight was bumpy so when a crew member explained they would have to turn around and head back to Los Angeles because they believe they lost a wheel.  So concerned of how the landing might go, the pilot chose to circle the airport for 6 hours in order to burn off fuel. Hoping to prevent an explosion if things went wrong in the landing.

While explaining this on Ellen (which aired today) Jen said after they landed they still decided to board another jet and head back down. Ellen asked how she was able to do this, wasn’t she scared and she revealed “Well we were drunk.”  She said when you’re in the air for 6 hours knowing you could possibly crash at the end, you drink.

She also said Ellen was the first to text her during the frightening flight.  Everyone on the plane was texting loved ones and I thought “who… Who do I text?” Bing! … You’re the first person that was like, “Are You OK?’ – And I was like “Ellen, I do have someone that loves me!” You were very concerned.’