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Mom says daughter was drugged at Jake Pauls house

So this weekend, Saturday, YouTube douche bag Jake Paul, 22, was hosting a party at his Calabasas mansion.  A huge one.   And just to show you how douche filled this party was, the celebs there were Chris Brown, Lamar Odom and Bella Thorne.

The following day a mother took to her local FB group to report her teenage daughter, along with a number of other teenage girls, were taken to the hospital after being at the party.  She said they girls couldn’t walk, talk and were half naked.  She believes they were drugged.


That’s a pretty serious claim, but there is at least one report that lends her story a lot of credit.  The Calabasas Fire Dept.   They reported being super busy all night JUST transporting people to the hospital from the Paul party.

But suspiciously the station has deleted their entire instagram account. Luckily Dailymail had already screen shot that shit.

And now all the party goers that posted pics also deleted them from the gram, but again, DM got the shots.  It looks like madness.  But stay tuned to see if anything more comes of it.