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Chanel Iman reveals racist reason she ended friendship with Jourdan Dunn

Chanel Iman has revealed she and Jourdan Dunn stopped speaking to each other for a period of time after professionals in the modelling industry told them only one of them would be successful.

The 28-year-old model from Atlanta, Georgia, said she and Jourdan, 28, from London, grew distant after they were told they ‘shouldn’t be friends’ because in the modelling industry ‘it’s either one or the other’.

The Victoria’s Secret angel added that after losing touch for a period of time, they eventually began speaking again, as Chanel said she realized that she and Jourdan are ‘so much stronger together’.

Chanel opened up about the sad experience in a new Vogue video that sees a number of professional models speaking candidly about their experiences with tokenism and discrimination within the industry.

‘Me and Jourdan, we stopped speaking to each other for a time in our career because people would tell her how we shouldn’t be friends because it’s this industry where it’s either one or the other and they’re not going to choose you both,’ she said.  However, Chanel said she and Jordaun were on set together one day, and they began speaking as they thought the whole thing was ‘so silly’, as she said: ‘We are just so much stronger together.’

So fucked up, but I’m glad they took the smarter path.