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Pam Anderson is outraged and Bruce Springsteen should be too

Photo cred: BBC via Pam Anderson twitter

On Tuesday Pam Anderson was at a fundraiser in France to support poverty stricken children in the French town of Marseille.  When auctioneers brought a Bruce Springsteen guitar to stage they announced the money raised would go to rebuilding the Notre Dame Cathedral that had just been ravished with fire last week.

Anderson flipped. She stormed out and later took to Twitter stating: “Surely the children suffering in Marseille could have used the 100,000 € more than the church that has already received over a billion in donations by billionaires.”

Uh.. for sure. I’m 100% behind that.

Naturally now, Pam is hoping Mr Springsteen will also come forward and express some type of disapproval with how the funds were used.  I should note that there were other items auctioned and in the end roughly $500k was raised and is earmarked for the children of Marseille.  But that’s not the point.

Adding that Springsteen had likely donated the guitar in the first place for Marseille’s underprivileged kids, “I was thinking of calling Springsteen to see where he’d rather the money raised go — I am sure it would be to the poor kids for whom it was intended.”