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Wendy Williams is divorcing cheating husband!

Wendy Williams has had a reeeeaaallllyyy hard 2019 so far.   Sick, had to leave the show, in a half way house, husband’s mistress gave birth… it was a lot to take on, but through it all she proudly held up her wedding ring on her hand and proclaimed “this aint going no where”.  Well it finally is. And I’m proud of you.

After almost 22 years of marriage she has announced she is divorcing Kevin Hunter.

The split comes amid renewed rumors that Hunter has been cheating on Williams, 54, with a woman named Sharina Hudson, who gave birth to a baby suspected to be Hunter’s last month.

Rumors of infidelity have plagued the couple for a few years, though Williams never confirmed them. She vaguely addressed her marital woes on her show earlier this year, cryptically telling viewers after she returned from a two-month hiatus that her wedding ring would always stay on her hand.

Former friend Charlamagne Tha God expressed concern on his radio show “The Breakfast Club,” saying Hunter was “sucking the life out of” Williams.

He also admitted he introduced Hunter to his alleged mistress 10 years ago, but it was solely for business purposes.

“Just because I introduce you to someone doesn’t mean 10 years later you need to be in a picture with them showing all your teeth and her throwing up duck lips and a peace sign,” Charlamagne said.

Williams and Hunter met at a skating rink in 1994, tied the knot three years later and welcomed their son, 19-year-old Kevin Hunter Jr., in 2000.