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Deborah Norville on the mend after viewer spots cancer lump

On Monday, Inside Edition host Deborah Norville explained to fans (via instagram) why she wouldn’t be on the show this week.  She was getting surgery for a lymph node that had become cancerous.

She explained that many years ago a fan had reached out to her and told her she noticed Norville had a lump on her neck.  She said she got it checked and was told it was nothing.

Years later, after she continued to get it checked, her doctor told her it had become malignant and she would need it removed.

Wednesday afternoon an instagram post came to Norvilles account stating her assistant was posting on her behalf and she was doing well.  Inside Edition also posted the good news, there with a shot of Norville wheeling back to her room after surgery. (both below)

No word on when she gets back, but it’s great to know all is well.  Deborah also said she would not need chemo.