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Police name Nipsey Hussle murder suspect and issue warrent

If you’re macabre enough you can easily find (shit, Dailymail has a looping gif on the front page) footage of Nipsey getting shot in LA on Monday night.  It is frightening.

Eric Holder

Now the popo say they know who they want and his name is Eric Holder. Street name ‘Shitty Cuz’.  lol. I kid you not. His gang is called the Rollin’ 60’s.

Police sources say he and the rapper were known to one another and that it was a gang-related killing but they have not revealed further details or suggested a motive but they say it was ‘personal’ and had not been ordered by gang leaders.

A press conference where they will give more details has been scheduled for 11.30am EST.

Now, it is being claimed online that he has been ‘green lit’ by the Crips, the gang to which he belonged and allegedly ‘snitched’ on, to be killed.

There is now a race between the LAPD and the gang’s members to find him.

Hussle was a hero in southern L.A. where he was trying to legitimize gang members by developing the area and eradicating violence.

He was a former Rollin’ 60s member but was eager to work with the LAPD to stamp out gang wars peacefully and maintained strong relationships with the community.

The 33-year-old was due to sit down with police chiefs soon to discuss way to help young people in urban neighborhoods in Los Angeles out of gang culture.

This was a real hero to the community and you can really understand why so many are deeply mourning this great loss.