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Jim Carrey vs Mussolini? Delicious twitter battle just the beginning?

So full disclosure, right out the gate, I was 100% unaware that Benito Mussolini, fascist party leader and, according to most, uber-evil human being, had a granddaughter still walking around with that insane last name.  I might as well have learned Becky Hitler was in a twitter war with Meek Mill.  But Alessandra Mussolini is very much a thing and at 56 she is a politician, like her grandfather, in Italy.

Second thing you need to know, ICYMI, is that, although he still acts, Jim Carrey is almost a full time political cartoonist and professional bear poker and he’s where our story begins.

Saturday afternoon, Carrey posted his latest commentary cartoon regarding (and depicting) Mussolini and his mistress being hanged by partisans.

Which caused Musso’s granddaughter to reply with a “You Are A Bastard”.


From there Carrey is never heard from again, but Alessandra took on the onslaught of replies from those either marveling at the strange bedfellows, as I did, or genuinely angry that she would seemingly defend such a monster.